Sunday, March 29, 2009

Election in India 2009

We are worlds largest democracy: with 1 billion potential voters, 7 national parties, 1000 + registered parties of regional or no importance.
The most important factor is unanimous fact of every major parties' agenda (hidden or otherwise) is that they want to RULE us, grab all the power, misuse the treasury.

None of them want to represent us, be our voice.
Right now all of them are busy showing there might and not busy listening to us.

The truth is its all our fault,

  • We have never stated our issues
  • Fact is that most of us don't even know what we need to do, we are grown up to be opinion less morons who would queue up on the polling day and cast the vote.
  • When people die in pre-poll violence, we close our eyes or look the other way.
Issues are plenty-full:
We would be 1.2 billion by the next census and there are no focus on family planning and birth-control.
The male-female ratio is abnormal and alarmingly becoming worse, no party talks about that.
They advertise on billboards, as if we would buy their story. No party knows that both rural & urban India is facing population boom and resulting in rise in unemployment. Even 60 years after Independence, we still can not get the non-farm unemployment / employment data.

What is the most challenging task that we face is that in next 15 years, we need to create 300 million jobs.

But neither the people or parties are aware of these issues or does not seem to be doing anything about it.

Good thing is No party will be able to form a stable government for 5 years, I love to predict that another election is eminent in 2 years. When they come, I wish the readers of my blog will gather courage and will-power to talk about issues of national importance.
This time around:
  • No pre-poll alliance will go past 170 marks.
  • Regional & small parties will get 220 seats but will be fractured around 3/4 groups.
  • You may have 3 prime ministers in this parliament.