Thursday, March 2, 2017

Freedom of Speech in India?

Freedom of Speech threatened in India

World's largest Democracy sits scared if any youth open their mouth these days. The measure Government of India takes is shut down seminars, bully and beat up students using its "Student or Youth wing", forge videos and trump up false cases of sedition on them.

It started with FTII (premier film institute), then in Hyderabad, then in JNU and now in Delhi University. Why did RAMJAS invite Umar Khalid they say? Government supported Goons has a right to beat up anyone, anywhere these days, doesn't matter what the facts are .. Umar khalid is not a convict, he is a student leader just like Kanhaiya who has been brutally beaten up by Government supported Goons in a Delhi Court House. While assaulter of Kanhaiya Kumar are branded as "PATRIOTS" and freely moving around, Umar has been branded as "ANTI-NATIONAL" .. So he can't deliver any speech or participate in Debates and Seminars. 

His right to expression .. GONE, VANISHED in thin year.

If PM of India, Narendra Modi get his way, Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and all of their friends lose all of their Rights. Govt of India administered Delhi Police has already put of "SEDITION" charges against them.

No student has been convicted, as "Innocent till proven guilty" works only for Politicians and Celebrities in India; ordinary people like students or politically unaffiliated commoners can vilified by "Govt owned TV Channels" and social media .. and voila .. They are "Guilty By Suspicion

Ramjas college's seminar venue vandalized and students present at venue threatened and beaten up by Modi's ABVP student wing. Their fault: Their seminar didn't make the "PATRIOTIC BENCHMARK".

The very next day, when other colleges in Delhi University tried to show solidarity with Ramjas college, Modi's goons were back to beat them in front of Modi controlled Delhi Police.

As a side-note it is important to mention many of Mr. Modi's cabinet are charged in criminal cases. Some of his MP's have arson, rape, fraud charges against them. Two of Indian state Governments are being run by people who has been disqualified or in Prison. They are all welcome to lecture anyone, anywhere. 

When Martyr Army Captain's daughter Gurmehar Kaur a Delhi University student, gives a powerful anti-war statement. Her patriotism is questioned by "PATRIOT" brigade of a Modi Minister, Junior school dropout ex-cricketers and unemployable film-stars and Journalists. Gurmehar whose father gave ultimate sacrifice and it is Gurmehar who has to live with deep emotional void of growing up without father because politicians of India and Pakistan decided to have wars; Irony is, her familiy's sacrifice is mocked by people who "Played sports for India" and made big money and enjoy happy life.

Gurmehar's Freedom of Speech is subjugated by threats of physical harm and even rape on Twitter. That US-based social network in India, is busy making "Verified Accounts" of Patriot brigade accounts and knocking of opposition party accounts. Rape threats on Twitter seems alright .. using hand-sketched Sherlock Holmes profile picture could get your twitter account suspended. Facebook also faring no better in this matter.

Gurmehar has to leave Delhi now .. Her Freedom of Speech also has been virtually SUSPENDED.

India, a country that took pride in its "Freedom struggle" and where "Freedoms" as Right of citizens has been enshrined in the constitution, is now ruled by a government who has developed a paranoia of anyone calling for "Freedom"/"Azaadi". Irony is every 26th January, India still celebrate "Republic Day" as Anniversary of "Constitution of India" and every 15th August as "Independence Day". When Govt of India is no longer interested to guard and celebrate people's Freedom, why do they do the charade on those days, I wonder.

Do you?