Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am playing Citizen Kane on Gandhi Birthday

The deceit from the Indian governments are turning unbearable, their cover-up of the real issues is a total contempt of our individual and collective intellect. The think we are fools and our foolishness is directly proportional to our everyday misery.
To prove that they are wrong, "I am playing Citizen Kane on Gandhi Birthday"

In a reply to ibnlive report on closing of Bofors case, I have chalked out my game-plan, it will be a classical gandhi-style "Fast unto Death".

The idea of Justice keeps eluding the political class ( I am deeply ashamed by this term coinage, which implies that rest of self-acclaimed educated population ); no government can wash off its hands to provide Justice and level-playing ground for all Indians. The biggest obstacle to such noble goals is corruption and public apathy to do anything about it.
"We are so few, so powerless", this has been commoners only shield and refuge.

The Bofors case is as important as Jessica lal case, because if the corrupt goes scott-free, then the honest will be punished and persecutedfor not being corrupt. It seems the Congress government thinks AE Services are front for somebody other than Dr. Q, then they must start another investigation to prove that. Till that proof comes up the cases against the evil Dr. Q must continue.

CBI's neutrality is as important as supreme court's, that can not beharmed in any way. But what can I do about it? I am just a commoner. I am going to play a game called "Citizen Kane" or "Main Azad Hoon" in Gandhian style. On Oct 2, 2009;

I would start a fast unto death till
a) bofors cases are reopened with utmost sincerity and
b) Ministry of finance starts a fortnightly unified consumer price index.

Remember "Koi bhi Desh Perfect Nahin Hota,Usey Perfect Banana parta hain" (Rang de Basanti)