Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyclones - A New Generation

Of late new cyclones are making a fool of us, SIDR behaviour on landfall and subsequent crossing over of the rainclouds through the mountains has been amazing. Now comes the strangeness of Hagibis which against all prediction touched vietnam shore and went back to south china sea. Mitag beat all speculations and cross philipines few hours back.

Strangely enough if these two systems join themselved (of which the probablity is very low, 0.132 ) , we might learn a set of rule in the dynamics of cyclones. Once Hagibis influence is gone, Andaman Sea would create deepressions that might become cyclone in Bay of Bengal. So keep watching.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Super Cyclone 6B

In meteorology, history sometimes gets repeated. With striking similarity to Orissa cyclone of recent past a potent zone of low pressure is now created in the sea 50 miles north of north Andaman tip.

It can and in all probability would become deep-depression by next 24 hours. Should it become a cyclone it might track the path of Orissa super cyclone.. I will keep you guys posted on the cyclone watch .. lets watch cyclone 6B together and get prepared in advance.. present data is pretty low.. If it becomes cyclone it can strike east Indian coast between 4th to 7th of Nov.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Durga Puja

It's 2007 Durga puja time. Celebration of famous victory of Hindu goddess over demon "Mahishasur" and subsequent (Many years later) victory of Rama over Ravana.

Bengali people celebrate the first victory while rest of the india celebrates the later.

Who was Mahishasur? He was the non-Aryan ruler of great indian planes. If you ever come from Afghanistan and Iranian border (by land of course) that would be first thing you would notice in the north India is the vast plains. In the early days of Aryan settlement/invasion, they had encountered stiff resistance from Native non-Aryans. In spite of these battles, the green pastures of Indus and Ganges basin looked alluring to the Aryans; the harshness of Asia-minor and Afghan terrain made their little settlements look like heaven.

To the native non-Aryans this called for a struggle for existence, they were civilised society who could build cities like those found in Indus valley civilisation. One of the major differentiators between these two societies was their cattle. The Aryans are known for their long association with the cow and the non-Aryans were buffalo herding people.

Wild buffalo were abundant in the plains, you can find their reference in Indus valley as well as Aryan Puranas. Mahisasur were king of the grazing territory with his huge herd of buffalo's. His tribe had domesticated some buffalo's and even rode on them during raids on Aryan settlement (sometimes referred as heaven).

In the fight for the grazing land (which when took place in the long grassy patches specially after the monsoon) the buffalo's were quick and deadly ride. So Mahisasur struck awe and terror in the minds of early Aryan settlers (Or call them gods if you like).

Who was the goddess Durga? Who were the other gods who defeated by the Mahishasur? Contrary to popular belief, the early Asian settlers were not single pure race. The gods as we know them in Hindu mythology, were actually fractured tribes, some what loosely governed by an Aryan super council. Brahma the most righteous of the tribes gave rise to all other tribes or Gods. Bishnu / Narayana represented the most prosperous trading tribe. Henceforth in different purana (ancient folklore) you get different relationship/affinity/bonding between hindu gods/goddesses, which actually represented important trading and other socio-economic links between tribes.

It is told in numerous occasion in puranas, the gods had reincarnated in different avtaars, which is nothing but a resurgent tribe under a new leader, probably bringing a new victory or glory to the clan in similar troubled times.

So back to the question of Goddess durga? She is the wife of God Shiva and daughter of Himalayas ( The Mountains). Shiva is the oldest God and was not originated from Brahma and does not get glorified in the folklore in spite of numerous victories. He is also known to have had turbulent relationship with other gods and had defeated them in battle several times. His followers were ghosts and other lost souls in the himalayas.

The important factor is that he does not originate from brahma makes him non-Aryan but possibly native like the asuras. Shiva was the astute tribe that got included in the Aryan line because of heavy intermix with Aryans and their prowess in the field of war.

Besides the leadership of shiva the rest of his followers do not glorified in the folklore, he is known to have blessed other asuras too. So this tribe have had the skills of training other tribes in the arts of ancient war.

So Durga was the an army of soldiers lead by Female warriors recruited from the foothills and trained by shiva. The Idol of durga rides tiger/lion , which means they had taken the herd of buffaloes to the patch of land where the big cats had taken many buffaloes out. With depleted ride and cattle the asuras fought hard. Goddess Durga is known have ten hands and they are loaded with ten weapons/utilities from ten gods. It is clearly stated that she had used one weapon after another. These arm and armoury represent small and elite troops from ten different tribes, under the command of Goddess (Lady general who incidentally was married to the chief of the shiva tribe). So this war was a classic case of a group of tribes coming together to form a coalition of force and a highly technical war.

Now that you have human explanation of things mentioned in the purana, go enjoy the puja. One last thing, worship of a god in past actually means training or research under the chief or other elders of the tribe.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bush speech

Bush has said in today's speech:
"Iraqi leaders has asked for support".. and "we need troops to protect American interest in the region".
Just two clarification are needed:
Which Iraqi leader has asked for support and in what form?
What are the "American interest in the region"?

I know no one would give the clarification! Feel sorry for all the dead and the dying. Forgive me for I can't do anything more than writing this comment.

US is a strange country they would talk about impeaching Clinton for lying in "I did not have sex with that woman" but not impeach Bush for lying on a weekly basis on Iraq,
starting from WMD, "Hearts and Minds", "The war is over (in a battleship deck)" , "Peaceful Anbar" and so on

Even more amazing is John McCain's response:
"The first four years were a mistake because of Rumsfeld strategy" Four years and hundreds of thousands of life lost and you have audacity to say it was a strategy failure.

Well John, you might be a war veteran but you haven't learnt a thing from the war.

I saw the Larry king live and Anderson 360 today; and well done on the bold and independent reporting today (which was sadly missing for last 3 years).

Right now all I have to say to Americans is "Impeach bush and reclaim your democratic country from war-mongers"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Democracy & Liberty

Lets talk about democracy & Liberty a little bit.
What is democracy? Is it just "right to vote"?
most of e-savvy democratic folks, (me included) choose not vote and not even stand for any democratic elections.The several kinds of democracy: functional ones and dysfunctional ones.Us ( Hey it's me + you, not US), we just love to live in past glories and how the state was born (No state in the history of humanity was born in 100% noble way). But that should not be the right way forward, at best we take cues from past to build a strong future and take the "present" into confidence.
The primary advantage of democracy is that it believes that the governments are not always right.(Otherwise why have elections) Democracy demands active participation and constructive criticism from it's constituents.

Naive populations therefore should not boast of Democracy & Liberty. Remember revolutions are relatively easy, keeping the achievements of the revolution in the right track; that's the tough job.

What is liberty? liberty is the ability to take tough but right way, in spite of shortcuts. Although we practice in the reverse.

The fruits of liberty are speaking your mind and not get persecuted for that. Just like I am doing right now.

Monday, August 27, 2007

To every action

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a universal truth.

More I try to good for anyone/everyone, More I seem to hurt them. I would only blog in this site and not join any social networking site.

The contents of any social networking tool can only be reflective of the society that uses it. You might visit a friend of a friend out of concern for the common friend, just for increasing your social boundary; but reality is you might seen as a stalker, as a pain in the wrong places. So it all depends on the degree of cynicism prevailing in the society you come from.

So social interpretation of this law of physics is directly proportional to the degree of cynicism prevailing. So a little modification required while implementing it in social paradigm. My interpretation goes as follows:

To every action there is an adverse reaction, the spread which is directly proportional to the degree of cynicism.

Who is to be blamed for the scenario: divinity , society or human nature?
My answer will be the evolution of life. In the sheer pressure of our selfish existence, we have dropped most of good qualities of life such as trust, faith and other good emotions. Cynicism has become only refuge / armour for the post-modern humanity.

How is get rid of such a scenario; my guess will be to be better networked and value all human communications.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I am out of orkut

If any one want's to reach alvida alvida, Nelson is Over a.k.a. Shuvankar Mukherjee. This is the place to be.

Don't ask me why had to leave orkut?

How I am? What I feel? What am I into these days? All info about me can be found here.

So don't worry and stay happy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jab khuda he ruth jaye to,
Bekhudi hi baas ek sahara hain
rahi ko ab mukaddar ki talash hain..
manzil to ab khuda ki bharosa hain..

arey mujhse khapa hokey
agar khuda khudai chor de..
apne puraney scraps se mu mor ley
..tor fir jo khuda ke varosey hain,
woh kiskey saharey rah jayenge..
Khuda kya aise khudai ko bhul payengey..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricane Season, Monsoon & Economy

This year monsoon has been strong, more than 12 Indian states affected by floods, no estimate loss of national property has been reported.
Death toll is more than 1000 for the entire season. Still nobody calls it a national calamity; on the other hand in spite of bad and washed away roads and villages, the pseudo-economist would say "The fundamentals are good". The coalition govt members are busy arm-twisting, back-stabbing in their race to grab more power. How can we call ourselves the great emerging power with fellow countrymen dying.

Let me ask those super-learned who has been saying the fundamentals are good. What is your economic priority? A cooked-up GDP figure, is that all.

You would perhaps learn to take stock of natural calamities while counting the gold. If forget the fallen then that would take the shine away from gold.

Hurricane Season in the Caribbean and Mexican gulf, which Dean knocking down the door, the oil prices are going to surge once again; hurting western and all other economies as well. What can we do about them, one great measure would be to stop all decorative lightings, Glow signs, Billbords etc. But that's a different topic and I will discuss another day.

So stay safe in the stock markets and hurricane path.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The creative side

So who gives a damn if the stocks slide,
Not me, I am busy fighting my soul
forcing it to live another day.

If I am the only dreamer left,
I shall make the final stand,
--in my own way.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Strong Rupee

For years now, I had a strong belief had economic growth data brought out by govts are short-sighted , politically motivated and outright biased.

Take the example of projecting double digit growth for India & China, where majority still lives in villages ; the people in rural services- well ,lets say for all of their services is no yardstick for value determination. So we depend on city based consumption data or industrial production data.

Only in last week, people went overboard the strong rupee bandwagon. Little did the analysts knew in the integrated global money market, one currency getting strong against only one major currency is of no use.

My estimate will be US$ will be appreciated by 4 to 5 % in next one month. Why? The reason is the funds in western world will have a torrid time, with a poor third quarter going on in the US.
Sept-end reports will definitely show poor condition of Job Markets, therefore poor consumer confidence and loss of consumption power; All due to bad performance by local manufacturing and little bit by uncertain weather patterns.

So for third quarter stability of funds they would take out money from IT, Telecom & Infrastructure sector. We have enough foreign exchange to handle the scenario. But these sectors need to show real resilience in third quarter results to attract FDI attention.

Henceforth the depreciation in the rupee and sensex at 13,000 (around).

Sunday, July 1, 2007

New 7 Wonders

Every year we have crazy competition about new 7 wonders. Fools participate in such mindless acts by voting in. People who would devote their energy for an useless cause where they should be doing something more meaningful.
This year the frenzy has taken a new pick. The event is glorified and merchandised to a lowest level.

Would the Incas mind if machu pichu lost?
Would the Pharaoh's vote for Pyramid?
Would the ancient Romans or the Greeks care for their work of art in their everyday utility building?

We who can only bomb and destroy things, who are we to judge these works of art, the reflection of by-gone cultures and great works of architecture.

Very few has seen all of those candidates and everybody is voting because of adolescent's idea of superlative.

Can't we have "Top 7 crisis in the world"? More importantly should we not be busy looking into these crisis grappling our world?

Life in today's fast lane

There is a whole lot of traffic, in front of me, behind me and all around me. We are all in a messy traffic lane, trafficing hope and harbouring dreams. As for myself I have come a long way to nowhere in this whirlwind of time. As the slow holiday traffic is urging me to stop for a while and perhaps rest for a while as well; I get restless with fatigue.

with nothing to rest upon, I persuit my solitary goal in this sea of humanity. Creeping, cribbing, whining and wailing... we move.

we rush, we charge, we nudge and we shove ..always willing to go to the extreme to fill our ego.
and we nudge and shove our way to nothingness.

I do n't lament on my ways or my means. I am the journeyman who is willing to go distance. I can write poems but only to please myself; so I shall not. There are conflicts all over the world, just like the conflicts in my mind.

Now I do not know, whether I am in the fast lane. In a strange way we are going to diffenent places, at different paces through the same highway.

We are going to nowhere,
but nowhere is everywhere.
We are at nowhere,
and still that's where we are going.
If we are where we are going to..
then why are we still going.

I guess we are on a one way track, with nowhere to stop.
No U-turn anywhere in the highway of time.
and that's the highway we are on, guess we can utilise the speed to reach new places, better places, lets us contemplate a better destination while we press on the gas.