Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricane Season, Monsoon & Economy

This year monsoon has been strong, more than 12 Indian states affected by floods, no estimate loss of national property has been reported.
Death toll is more than 1000 for the entire season. Still nobody calls it a national calamity; on the other hand in spite of bad and washed away roads and villages, the pseudo-economist would say "The fundamentals are good". The coalition govt members are busy arm-twisting, back-stabbing in their race to grab more power. How can we call ourselves the great emerging power with fellow countrymen dying.

Let me ask those super-learned who has been saying the fundamentals are good. What is your economic priority? A cooked-up GDP figure, is that all.

You would perhaps learn to take stock of natural calamities while counting the gold. If forget the fallen then that would take the shine away from gold.

Hurricane Season in the Caribbean and Mexican gulf, which Dean knocking down the door, the oil prices are going to surge once again; hurting western and all other economies as well. What can we do about them, one great measure would be to stop all decorative lightings, Glow signs, Billbords etc. But that's a different topic and I will discuss another day.

So stay safe in the stock markets and hurricane path.

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