Monday, August 27, 2007

To every action

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a universal truth.

More I try to good for anyone/everyone, More I seem to hurt them. I would only blog in this site and not join any social networking site.

The contents of any social networking tool can only be reflective of the society that uses it. You might visit a friend of a friend out of concern for the common friend, just for increasing your social boundary; but reality is you might seen as a stalker, as a pain in the wrong places. So it all depends on the degree of cynicism prevailing in the society you come from.

So social interpretation of this law of physics is directly proportional to the degree of cynicism prevailing. So a little modification required while implementing it in social paradigm. My interpretation goes as follows:

To every action there is an adverse reaction, the spread which is directly proportional to the degree of cynicism.

Who is to be blamed for the scenario: divinity , society or human nature?
My answer will be the evolution of life. In the sheer pressure of our selfish existence, we have dropped most of good qualities of life such as trust, faith and other good emotions. Cynicism has become only refuge / armour for the post-modern humanity.

How is get rid of such a scenario; my guess will be to be better networked and value all human communications.


  1. what use will networking do if you are not a good human (which you are)...

    there was a chain mail a few years back which described a goodwill gesture getting passed on (random acts of good deeds/actions). basically if someone does something good for you (helps you), your in turn try to do good to someone else. it will eventually come back, in the long run.

    whatever happens, happens for the best...

    and bottom line will remain that laws of physics were written for physics and not for life which is a more complicated science with no correct answers... the answer that is correct for one may not be correct for the other.

  2. Well Said, Siddharth...
    One man's truth is another man's pain in all the wrong places :)

    But Unlike physics, Life is not science, it is simply chaotic, besides death there are no certainties.

    And there are those life insurance contracts (policies to simple people) which stops one from taking rightful termination of the chaos.

    Every man should have the right to dream and the right to live it or die trying. No point in crying over why it did not happen; just try it with sincere and noble intensions.

    Guess there would be honour in it and a good reason to our existance.