Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Democracy & Liberty

Lets talk about democracy & Liberty a little bit.
What is democracy? Is it just "right to vote"?
most of e-savvy democratic folks, (me included) choose not vote and not even stand for any democratic elections.The several kinds of democracy: functional ones and dysfunctional ones.Us ( Hey it's me + you, not US), we just love to live in past glories and how the state was born (No state in the history of humanity was born in 100% noble way). But that should not be the right way forward, at best we take cues from past to build a strong future and take the "present" into confidence.
The primary advantage of democracy is that it believes that the governments are not always right.(Otherwise why have elections) Democracy demands active participation and constructive criticism from it's constituents.

Naive populations therefore should not boast of Democracy & Liberty. Remember revolutions are relatively easy, keeping the achievements of the revolution in the right track; that's the tough job.

What is liberty? liberty is the ability to take tough but right way, in spite of shortcuts. Although we practice in the reverse.

The fruits of liberty are speaking your mind and not get persecuted for that. Just like I am doing right now.

Monday, August 27, 2007

To every action

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a universal truth.

More I try to good for anyone/everyone, More I seem to hurt them. I would only blog in this site and not join any social networking site.

The contents of any social networking tool can only be reflective of the society that uses it. You might visit a friend of a friend out of concern for the common friend, just for increasing your social boundary; but reality is you might seen as a stalker, as a pain in the wrong places. So it all depends on the degree of cynicism prevailing in the society you come from.

So social interpretation of this law of physics is directly proportional to the degree of cynicism prevailing. So a little modification required while implementing it in social paradigm. My interpretation goes as follows:

To every action there is an adverse reaction, the spread which is directly proportional to the degree of cynicism.

Who is to be blamed for the scenario: divinity , society or human nature?
My answer will be the evolution of life. In the sheer pressure of our selfish existence, we have dropped most of good qualities of life such as trust, faith and other good emotions. Cynicism has become only refuge / armour for the post-modern humanity.

How is get rid of such a scenario; my guess will be to be better networked and value all human communications.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I am out of orkut

If any one want's to reach alvida alvida, Nelson is Over a.k.a. Shuvankar Mukherjee. This is the place to be.

Don't ask me why had to leave orkut?

How I am? What I feel? What am I into these days? All info about me can be found here.

So don't worry and stay happy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jab khuda he ruth jaye to,
Bekhudi hi baas ek sahara hain
rahi ko ab mukaddar ki talash hain..
manzil to ab khuda ki bharosa hain..

arey mujhse khapa hokey
agar khuda khudai chor de..
apne puraney scraps se mu mor ley
..tor fir jo khuda ke varosey hain,
woh kiskey saharey rah jayenge..
Khuda kya aise khudai ko bhul payengey..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricane Season, Monsoon & Economy

This year monsoon has been strong, more than 12 Indian states affected by floods, no estimate loss of national property has been reported.
Death toll is more than 1000 for the entire season. Still nobody calls it a national calamity; on the other hand in spite of bad and washed away roads and villages, the pseudo-economist would say "The fundamentals are good". The coalition govt members are busy arm-twisting, back-stabbing in their race to grab more power. How can we call ourselves the great emerging power with fellow countrymen dying.

Let me ask those super-learned who has been saying the fundamentals are good. What is your economic priority? A cooked-up GDP figure, is that all.

You would perhaps learn to take stock of natural calamities while counting the gold. If forget the fallen then that would take the shine away from gold.

Hurricane Season in the Caribbean and Mexican gulf, which Dean knocking down the door, the oil prices are going to surge once again; hurting western and all other economies as well. What can we do about them, one great measure would be to stop all decorative lightings, Glow signs, Billbords etc. But that's a different topic and I will discuss another day.

So stay safe in the stock markets and hurricane path.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The creative side

So who gives a damn if the stocks slide,
Not me, I am busy fighting my soul
forcing it to live another day.

If I am the only dreamer left,
I shall make the final stand,
--in my own way.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Strong Rupee

For years now, I had a strong belief had economic growth data brought out by govts are short-sighted , politically motivated and outright biased.

Take the example of projecting double digit growth for India & China, where majority still lives in villages ; the people in rural services- well ,lets say for all of their services is no yardstick for value determination. So we depend on city based consumption data or industrial production data.

Only in last week, people went overboard the strong rupee bandwagon. Little did the analysts knew in the integrated global money market, one currency getting strong against only one major currency is of no use.

My estimate will be US$ will be appreciated by 4 to 5 % in next one month. Why? The reason is the funds in western world will have a torrid time, with a poor third quarter going on in the US.
Sept-end reports will definitely show poor condition of Job Markets, therefore poor consumer confidence and loss of consumption power; All due to bad performance by local manufacturing and little bit by uncertain weather patterns.

So for third quarter stability of funds they would take out money from IT, Telecom & Infrastructure sector. We have enough foreign exchange to handle the scenario. But these sectors need to show real resilience in third quarter results to attract FDI attention.

Henceforth the depreciation in the rupee and sensex at 13,000 (around).