Sunday, June 28, 2009

Drought - the dreaded D word
View this CNN report and tell your government to do something to help these 600 million plus people.

A series of two troughs are causing some rainfall and will cause in western and central India, but the run-offs will be high as they are coming from west and not south-east. How come?
You see the terrain is mostly hilly and it has lots of plateaus and rainfalls will not be on the right side of the hills, where cultivatable lands are present and water harvesting technique is really poor here.
Will there be any benefits from these rains on the last days of June?
Temperature will lower a bit there and water scarcity will be reduced but that will not be good enough for crops.

So the fear of drought is still real, no matter what these politician-lackey turned bureaucrats will tell you, don’t stop the activism.

And of course a heartfelt thanks goes to CNN for reporting the truth about India, which is half the world away from their HQ at Atlanta. Great work.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Indian Politician speak- Part 1 (What media forgot to highlight)

Is Sheila Dixit the new Marie Antoinette of Indian politics:
Marie Antoinette said: “Let them eat cake.”
Sheila Dixit on huge power cut has advised the people of Delhi for conservation of power.

Her brand of conservation is "Instead of running 4 air-conditioners run 2, and if possible run 1"

The fact is majority of Delhi homes are not fitted with A-Cs, the low-income and middle-income group can not afford it. Only the upper-middle class and the rich uses that.

My request to Delhi Chief Minister is "Please think before you open your mouth". The poor are dying in juggi-jopries (slum houses), if you can not mourn, if you can not help, please at least don't ridicule them.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Bull-shit Markets

While I was busy doing my usual chores, the goons of Fiscal market are back in the securities market all over the world. For last 3 months, they have clamouring for peoples money after being rebooting their kitty by taxpayers money.

With the exception of Bernie Madoff, no one faces a criminal charge and are being embraced by the political elite. In the mean-time industries are shedding workforce and rising unemployment should give worrying signs of socio-economic troubles.

The fact is that, this stock market recovery is a flight of fancied, which has no wings; when crude can go to $68, when only true "I will drive my car anyway" economy, the US is in tatters and GM is getting bankrupt and jobloses seem like never ending streams, the share market rises are purely speculative.

These are fictional assets which can be evaporated at one bad quarter. Watch out for quarter end results!!!!

Climate change and Monsoon

The Change in Monsoon Rain patterns is immense this year; The Indian Met offices laughable prediction of 96% monsoon driven rainfall is becoming truly incorrect.

The driving factors of global climate are:
  • Anti-cyclones in the polar region: The ones in stretching from Antarctic to 40Th Parallel is disturbing the major accumulation of rain-clouds of the Somalia coast which comes down to Indian sub-continent as Monsoon in May to September each year. It is shearing off the clouds once every week as one anti-cyclone dissipates and another emerges in oceans south of Africa.

  • Second factor are the anti-cyclones which are being created in the pacific, they are creating weather fronts which is picking water vapor from South China Sea and their strong pull is increasing the Mean Wind speed of Monsoon wind and driving the wind straight in an easterly direction in Bay of Bengal and pushing it across Andaman Sea into Thailand & Burma.

  • Third factor is the weather of north India is being bombarded by “western disturbance” even in June (They are usually found in January to March), which is causing another change in wind shear patterns.

    From the satellite pictures you might see rain clouds over Bangladesh and say monsoon has arrived, but a look into convergence detail and wind directions will tell you the clouds are going out to the bay and over to Burma.

    Monsoon Winds in Northern Hemisphere are moving westerly (from the west to east direction), Period. Monsoon this year is not being freaky but setting the standards in warmer climate for years to come.

    So storms 1B (Bijli) and 2B(Aila) will be repeated every year with more to come. Indian government should prepare itself for a special deadly mix of Drought and Cyclones.