Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Bull-shit Markets

While I was busy doing my usual chores, the goons of Fiscal market are back in the securities market all over the world. For last 3 months, they have clamouring for peoples money after being rebooting their kitty by taxpayers money.

With the exception of Bernie Madoff, no one faces a criminal charge and are being embraced by the political elite. In the mean-time industries are shedding workforce and rising unemployment should give worrying signs of socio-economic troubles.

The fact is that, this stock market recovery is a flight of fancied, which has no wings; when crude can go to $68, when only true "I will drive my car anyway" economy, the US is in tatters and GM is getting bankrupt and jobloses seem like never ending streams, the share market rises are purely speculative.

These are fictional assets which can be evaporated at one bad quarter. Watch out for quarter end results!!!!

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