Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Climate change and Monsoon

The Change in Monsoon Rain patterns is immense this year; The Indian Met offices laughable prediction of 96% monsoon driven rainfall is becoming truly incorrect.

The driving factors of global climate are:
  • Anti-cyclones in the polar region: The ones in stretching from Antarctic to 40Th Parallel is disturbing the major accumulation of rain-clouds of the Somalia coast which comes down to Indian sub-continent as Monsoon in May to September each year. It is shearing off the clouds once every week as one anti-cyclone dissipates and another emerges in oceans south of Africa.

  • Second factor are the anti-cyclones which are being created in the pacific, they are creating weather fronts which is picking water vapor from South China Sea and their strong pull is increasing the Mean Wind speed of Monsoon wind and driving the wind straight in an easterly direction in Bay of Bengal and pushing it across Andaman Sea into Thailand & Burma.

  • Third factor is the weather of north India is being bombarded by “western disturbance” even in June (They are usually found in January to March), which is causing another change in wind shear patterns.

    From the satellite pictures you might see rain clouds over Bangladesh and say monsoon has arrived, but a look into convergence detail and wind directions will tell you the clouds are going out to the bay and over to Burma.

    Monsoon Winds in Northern Hemisphere are moving westerly (from the west to east direction), Period. Monsoon this year is not being freaky but setting the standards in warmer climate for years to come.

    So storms 1B (Bijli) and 2B(Aila) will be repeated every year with more to come. Indian government should prepare itself for a special deadly mix of Drought and Cyclones.

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