Sunday, June 28, 2009

Drought - the dreaded D word
View this CNN report and tell your government to do something to help these 600 million plus people.

A series of two troughs are causing some rainfall and will cause in western and central India, but the run-offs will be high as they are coming from west and not south-east. How come?
You see the terrain is mostly hilly and it has lots of plateaus and rainfalls will not be on the right side of the hills, where cultivatable lands are present and water harvesting technique is really poor here.
Will there be any benefits from these rains on the last days of June?
Temperature will lower a bit there and water scarcity will be reduced but that will not be good enough for crops.

So the fear of drought is still real, no matter what these politician-lackey turned bureaucrats will tell you, don’t stop the activism.

And of course a heartfelt thanks goes to CNN for reporting the truth about India, which is half the world away from their HQ at Atlanta. Great work.

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