Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hypocrisy of Indian Media : 16th February

As if it was written in some holy book:

"Cometh AAP government, Cometh False Propaganda of Media" 

In the first hour of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP, Common Man's Party), media have started insinuations and grossly false propaganda about AAP Govt in Delhi. Noteworthy that, some media persons who started the false debate who were AAP sympathizers. To begin with, I don't like Media-men becoming sympathizers of any party, a perfect journalist would not be showing partisanship to any party, even the one that I support.

Constitutional Angle : Well Pressmen are wrong again 

In past few years,  with the advent of hundred odd TV channels, the "Journalists" in India were encroaching on every aspect of Indian life .. they even propagated a lie that "The Constitution of India" gives them some special right to be in anywhere and everywhere .. As I pointed out in some tweets few days back, that is absolute nonsense
Chief Editor or Mentors of newspapers has spread many myths about "Constitutional Norms", its about Time young journalists actually read the good book.

Some argue, It has proved via a court order that "special right to be in anywhere and everywhere" is extension of Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Expression.
Wrong again Dear Media men,  Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Expression applies equally to all citizens of India .. Nothing special is given to "Journalists" a.k.a "Press Accreditation Holders".
In fact the words "Press", "Media" or "Journalist" never appear in the text of Constitution of India.

The Practice

Indian journalists are always seen hustling for a piece of "Breaking News" and everyday seen roaming round every corridor of power for a scoop of truths, half-truths and lies. They hound every person for a "Bite" of news in a group of 20-30, irrespective of the place, the occasion or the seriousness of the news. They even push and shove and physically jostle among themselves to get it response first. You can go to the parliament and watch them jump on ministers in a pack. Usually "Journalists" of the lower pecking order to this piece of work, while their high and mighty bosses (Owners / Chief Editors) await the news in their comfortable chambers in the office.

I always wonder one of these days, some of them will seriously hurt themselves in such melee .. Perhaps they do, such news are never reported here in India. 

Everywhere else in the world, I've seen Press wait in a designated zone and they wait patiently for their turn at the Media briefing center or behind the press line. 

Always hoped someone will teach Indian journalists to put a stop to "Hungry Bite Chasing", I was hoping for self-regulation from Indian Press .. guess that is too much to ask!!  

The Charges and The Fact-check

The charge against AAP govt is that "AAP has blocked entry of journalists in the Delhi Secretariat" 
Serious charge, if that was true .. entire of blog would have been in criticism of AAP; But I searched around for the truth and found Media has been restricted to Media Center and they are given some time access to the offices of Ministers as well . Apart from that, they can always call or write emails anyone in the secretariat. Moreover, Journalists can ask for an appointment to meet anyone if they had a reason to visit.

Invitation to Media to Press Conference of Dy Chief Minister: Proves Media has access to the offices of Ministers  

Those who cover White House, Capitol Hill, Westminster would have been elated if they ever got such invite (Mentioning these 3 as Indian Media almost worships them). They should have gone in there, in the press conference and fired the sternest of the questions .. That is their right. After all, journalism thrives on quality of queries and not on quantity of time spent on corridors of power.

Imagine what Indian Journalists did? They boycotted the press conference and demanded access to all parts of Delhi Secretariat at all times.


Delhi, Luckily for us, is the seat of not one but two governments .. One the local Government of NCT Delhi which is run by AAP, the other is the Union ( Federal / Central ) government run by BJP.

Did Union Government gave such free access to the people of Media & Press? The North Block and The South Block? No .. such access is not given in any other seat of government anywhere in India.

Would Indian Journalists support such rights for Every Citizen of India? As we have proved that "Freedom of Movement" and "Freedom of Expression" belongs to every citizen, not only to the journalists .. 1.2 billion people loitering around the seat of government, few million stopping for a chit-chat with the Prime minister, everyday.. Really??!! Is that even practical??

Then why this hypocrisy? Why brand a government anti-media in the very first day?

Are they searching for an excuse to avoid to cover the pro-people governance of AAP? 

Press needs to know what ministers are doing, I fully agree and endorse that .. 

Has any news report showed how many workdays BJP Minister Babul Supriyo missed for recording and promoting his albums or Another BJP Minister Smriti Irani missed for shooting in her Films? No .. They can't .. Their editors/Owners won't allow it .. and they don't have access to visit those Central ministers office.

But Media never boycotted Central govt's or any other governments Press Conference. If this is not Myopia, if this is not Hypocrisy .. What is ??!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh Yes I am a Human Being

With Advent of micro-blogging, I had curtailed my blogging activity .. No one reads it Anyway ..After all, What is a blog to counter myths propagated by "Billion dollar Media Empires" ..

But I had to return to blogging to counter a lie, propagated by Ultra-right wing in Greece, That I'm not a Human Being, but a computer generated robot .. What a lie, What a figment of imagination ..

I had been accused of Many things .. Of Being "International News Obsessed", Of Being "Fair Trade Practitioners", Of Being a "Dreamer" .. Better never have they called me a Bot ..

My Crime is that I support people based Participatory Politics globally and support Movements like Occupy movements or Wikileaks Party or Aam Aadmi Party or Syriza and Retweeted 3-4 tweets of Alexis Tsipras ..Never in my wildest imagination I thought A retweet could be considered as an Insult in any culture .. Least of all from the land of Socrates & Plato :)

On Tweets

Micro-blogging world is a strange world, but I love it .. There one has to define life-time of work in 160 characters ( and call it BIO) and why not .. This is the century of Super Market and every-thing has to labelled .. There is a shelf on Right for Right-wingers, there is a shelf on Left for Left-wingers and everybody must be labeled and shelved .. Other-wise super-market trolley's would come and troll you .. So I left that space called BIO ambiguous and left to people's own imagination ..

If that leads someone to think I am not human .. Well they lack faith in Human Capabilities ..
If that leads someone to think I am a software program .. Sorry my friend, No hardware has been invented nor will it be invented in next thousand years to run thoughts of my brain as a software service ..

I shall continue to tweet & retweet & reply as the way I see them fit .. No amount to right wing troll can deter me, never had, never will ..

On Language

Some ask do you speak our language .. how many languages to do you speak? Well I learned 3 languages in School in curriculum and two languages from the sideline and one from radio .. At 25, I spoke/understood 7 or 8 languages .. now I lost count ..

I put language skills in these categories:

  • To be able to Speak
  • To be able to Converse 
  • To be able to Read
  • To be able to Write
  • To be able to Comprehend
  • To be able to Articulate
Every normal human being Speaks & listens ( then converses) in one language or other ..
All literates can write as well ( Provided they downloaded the font or the right app)
But not all can articulate .. that is the job of profound thinker ..

But it is rude to expect everybody can and should be able to articulate in all the languages he can read & comprehend .. Imagine what will happen If I ask Neo-Nazi's to articulate in my native tongue "Bengali" ( 7th most spoken language in the world ) .. But Don't worry, I won't .. I'm not that rude ..


Question is who would not support Syriza?

If one takes sadistic pleasure on people being out in hunger or out of heating in winter or out of jobs in youth .. those sadists will not support Syriza ..

In US, individuals caught in a debt-trap are not put in jail .. but allowed to declare Bankruptcy & start over ..
Corporation can declare bankruptcy and the rich men don't become poor overnight?

Why should IMF not provide the same courtesy to nation states, be it Greece, Be it Spain or Italy ..
After all did IMF ask nations to go for a referendum before accepting the debt? How can "Shylock International" ( just Shakespearean reference, not any racial one) be allowed to put a gun against the people, who had no idea what previous govt did with those loans / debts?

Euro wasn't created yesterday .. Why did EU allow Olympics to be held in Spain & Greece then?? Then they made good money out of it..

Syriza to me sounds like the right answer .. they are saying no to austerity and reducing human pain ..

"Reducing Human Pain & Suffering" ~ What a lovely thought .. what better way to end my first blog-post of the year..