Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Proof of Pakistan's Terror acts

As the present Government of India has turned a blind eye to terror cells and terror acts against India.
Present day city opinion is we, the Indians must act like USA and Israel to combat terror, but the fact is USA too has been doing nothing but lip-service to help India.

Remember David Coleman Headley has struck a deal with US authorities, notwithstanding prior verbal commitments to India. Let me upload the video's FBI interrogation of Rana, which clearly showed FBI even tacitly acknowledging that they knew and believed ISI was supporting LeT and other Islamic terrorist organizations.

Now that Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State is here, could we ask that Tahawwur Hussain Rana& David Coleman Headley are handed over to India for interrogation on 26/11 and other terror plots against India.

                  Part one : Rana being told his rights, what about the rights of the terror victims
Part two: These were presented as evidence against Rana

Part 3: Noticeable that few minutes were missing since the last piece, Would Homeland security care to bring these minutes.

Part 4: Rana by now clearly acting now.
Part 5
Part 6: One for the gallery by Rana

The way Rana keeps talking about ISI and terror operatives, I wonder why he does not deserve the fate of Guantanamo prisoners. Yet there was no water-boarding for him, he is seen sipping mineral water during the interrogation. Although I do not support use of torture during interrogation, this surely looks a walk in the park for Rana, he smiles at the camera at times and even heard to be sharing a joke about headley with his interrogators.

Different sets of terror victims in different places evokes different sets of response for the US Government.
I don't blame them alone; our very own ministers are so busy with making money for themselves that they can't make a stand. They have plenty of dossiers to hand over, but don't have the guts to ask for justice for the slayed countrymen whom the swore to protect & serve.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blogspot blocked by India

India has a draconian cyber law in the form of information technology act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000). It was deliberately amended by the information technology amendment act, 2008 (IT Act 2008) for the sole purpose of getting absolute and unaccountable e-surveillance, internet censorship and website blocking powers.

Although all these powers were granted to Indian government and its agencies yet till now the government of India in general and ministry of communication and information technology (MCIT) in particular have defaulted in providing such civil liberty protection safeguards.

Repeated requests to the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh in this regard also proved futile. Till now the prime minister’s office (PMO) has not shown any willingness to reform this situation.

Please see this link

Why do they block us; basically Indian ruling class is afraid of freedom of speech; they have been selling the world an idea that everything is rosy in here. If we present anything else, they will charge us for sedition or something vicious like that.

They want world to believe that everyone is happily subjecting themselves to double digit food price inflation for 2 and half years in a row and everybody has one goal to see DOUBLE DIGIT GDP growth, anyway, anyhow.

Well I hate to break the news, but that's just fiction, pure unimaginable fiction.

Even after watching the fall of Mubarak's Egypt, I guess the political class is scared and lost of its senses.

Its not just my occasional posts, many journalists, students and people from all walks of life uses Google Blogspot service. The government of India just don't us to be heard.   

Please note: If the layout is lousy for this post, that's because even preview of the blog can't be done from India. However I will keep posting on this blog, so world would know.