Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Democracy & Liberty

Lets talk about democracy & Liberty a little bit.
What is democracy? Is it just "right to vote"?
most of e-savvy democratic folks, (me included) choose not vote and not even stand for any democratic elections.The several kinds of democracy: functional ones and dysfunctional ones.Us ( Hey it's me + you, not US), we just love to live in past glories and how the state was born (No state in the history of humanity was born in 100% noble way). But that should not be the right way forward, at best we take cues from past to build a strong future and take the "present" into confidence.
The primary advantage of democracy is that it believes that the governments are not always right.(Otherwise why have elections) Democracy demands active participation and constructive criticism from it's constituents.

Naive populations therefore should not boast of Democracy & Liberty. Remember revolutions are relatively easy, keeping the achievements of the revolution in the right track; that's the tough job.

What is liberty? liberty is the ability to take tough but right way, in spite of shortcuts. Although we practice in the reverse.

The fruits of liberty are speaking your mind and not get persecuted for that. Just like I am doing right now.

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