Friday, September 14, 2007

Bush speech

Bush has said in today's speech:
"Iraqi leaders has asked for support".. and "we need troops to protect American interest in the region".
Just two clarification are needed:
Which Iraqi leader has asked for support and in what form?
What are the "American interest in the region"?

I know no one would give the clarification! Feel sorry for all the dead and the dying. Forgive me for I can't do anything more than writing this comment.

US is a strange country they would talk about impeaching Clinton for lying in "I did not have sex with that woman" but not impeach Bush for lying on a weekly basis on Iraq,
starting from WMD, "Hearts and Minds", "The war is over (in a battleship deck)" , "Peaceful Anbar" and so on

Even more amazing is John McCain's response:
"The first four years were a mistake because of Rumsfeld strategy" Four years and hundreds of thousands of life lost and you have audacity to say it was a strategy failure.

Well John, you might be a war veteran but you haven't learnt a thing from the war.

I saw the Larry king live and Anderson 360 today; and well done on the bold and independent reporting today (which was sadly missing for last 3 years).

Right now all I have to say to Americans is "Impeach bush and reclaim your democratic country from war-mongers"

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