Sunday, July 1, 2007

New 7 Wonders

Every year we have crazy competition about new 7 wonders. Fools participate in such mindless acts by voting in. People who would devote their energy for an useless cause where they should be doing something more meaningful.
This year the frenzy has taken a new pick. The event is glorified and merchandised to a lowest level.

Would the Incas mind if machu pichu lost?
Would the Pharaoh's vote for Pyramid?
Would the ancient Romans or the Greeks care for their work of art in their everyday utility building?

We who can only bomb and destroy things, who are we to judge these works of art, the reflection of by-gone cultures and great works of architecture.

Very few has seen all of those candidates and everybody is voting because of adolescent's idea of superlative.

Can't we have "Top 7 crisis in the world"? More importantly should we not be busy looking into these crisis grappling our world?

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