Monday, December 1, 2008

Lack of truth : Don't buy the 10 terrorist theory

We need the truth from investigative agencies and we are not getting that.The truth is there were more than 10 terrorists. I can prove that:according to the chronology depicted in the ndtv site there were 10 sites (and nobody disputes that).
Now the arithmatic given is, 4 went to Taj, after doing carnage at Leo's. 2 went to Nariman House, 2 went to Oberoi.
That means 4 places and 8 terrorists accounted for. We know there were 2 at CST.
We also know the only CST terrorists moved out,So only they did rest of the firing.
10:15 at Cama hospital
10:30 at Metro Cinema
10:50 at Girgaum chowpatty.
and there they had the final encounter.
Upto this all incidents are accounted for,but we are forgetting the Taxi blast at Ville parle at 9:55 and the incident at Wadi bunder at 10:45.
Therefore it is proved that there had to be more than 10 terrorists.

Bad news is: Are they still free or had they fled to Pakistan.
Please raise your voice against lack of transparency.

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