Sunday, August 9, 2009

Indian Health Minister Must Resign

The Health Minister of India must resign.
Reason no 1: He is insensitive to the suffering of the people.
Reason no 2: His communication skills are deplorable, it may be great for Politics but the idioms used by him is not befitting of a Union Cabinet Minister.
Reason no 3: He has no clue what an infectious disease is and what leads to epidemic. Otherwise He would have stopped his senior officials from comparing Cancer, Malaria with Flu pandemic.
Reason no 4: The swine flu portal of his ministry is static and reflects their preparedness and their senseless guidelines would help the virus and its mutants more than people of India.
Reason no 5: If his grand opinion about swine flu was true, why is US FDA using the vaccine trial in Fast track mode; If the virus is so mild, why is US CDC and WHO calling it a race against time.
Reason no 6: If Government facilities are taken so nice care of the procedures, how come no protein sequence made it to the H1N1 flu database. Our only submissions are from 2005 pandharpur spread of H1N1 by National Institute of Virology, Pune. So Pune has many experts in the city, why Mr. Azad chose the AIIMS doctors and the secretary to plan and brief the public.
Reason no 7: Why should PMO look after Tamiflu stocks, when you have 3 Ministers in MOHFW? The stockpile is planned at ten million tablets, which is impractical? Mr. Azad has failed to prepare a reasonable preparedness plan. The Section “Preparedness and Response-India not affected” of the current plan covers 13 and half pages. The section about India being affected covers the responsibilities of other constitutional bodies only practical and scientific content is to be found in “5.4.7.Dead body handling & disposal”.
All other sections of the document talks about nonsense of what other people should do.
Reason no 8: His apology is too little too late.

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