Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tagore's View on Social oppression

Rabindranath Tagore, Who gave Independent India its National Anthem (Jana gana mana) and Gave music to its National Song (Bande Mataram) can hardly be called Anti-national by any stretch of Imagination. He also gave "The Father of the Nation" Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi the name or the title of "Mahatma". I guess no body on Modern Indian Soil can dare say that, Tagore was an anti-national.

No folks, Today is not his birthday! I have had read him from my school days and I am yet to finish all his works (Such volumes he have created). I wanted to get a translation of "Durvaga Desh" (The misfortune of the Nation) .
The Bengali Version can be found in the link above or the image, I am forced to try an English translation on my own:

The Misfortune Of The Nation

Oh My unfortunate Nation; Those whom you humiliated,
One day you would be forced in your insult, to be their equal.
Those whom you deprived
of the rights of being a human.
You would be forced in your humiliation, to be their equal.

Those whom you trod and trample, will pull you down.
Those whom you leave behind, will tug you back.
Those you cover with ignorance,
shroud with indifference,
You would be forced in your humiliation, to be their equal.

Now would NSA, HM, PM, Journos dare to call Tagore Anti-Indian!
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