Saturday, February 4, 2012

A 2G Corruption case evidence (Src: RTI)

I had read this pdf file in some blog, creating public awareness against Crony Capitalism and corruption in the highest places.

This PDF is supposedly created by Govt of India ministry officials in response of a "Right To Information" appeal by an some aware citizen of India.

This PDF contains A. Raja's letters to the Prime Minister at the time of cooking the 2G corruption.

This document shows that MMS was clearly aware of TRAI's issues and was the "watchdog" in this matter.

Page 4 of the document shows MMS' letter to A. Raja (Dated 2 Nov 2007)on official capacity of Prime Minister that MMS was more aware of TRAI's issues on 2G than perhaps even Raja.

Raja's last letter of depicting the cover-up under the garb of officialese, showed that other Ministers were also in constant touch regarding #2g case, namely Mr. Pranab Mukherjee (then External Minister).

Page 17 of the page shows that MMS had acknowledged Raja's letter (Signed by the Man himself).

Why we should not prosecute the whole corrupt lot? MMS, Pranab, Chidambaram, Raja and the whole lot.

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